For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground And tell sad stories of the death of kings;
How some have been deposed; some slain in war, Some haunted by the ghosts they have deposed;
Some poison'd by their wives: some sleeping kill'd; All murder'd
The Wonderland and Me
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I don’t care if you’ve ever seen the show before or not but you need to watch this clip.

This is the best screw up ever.

never forget.

this kills the wayne


Who’s the morning person and who is the night owl of the three of you? x


William Shakespeare, everyone’s heard of him. You’d have to be stuck in a cave on Mars with your eyes and ears closed shut to not of heard of him.

Adaptations of original works

R O M E O  A N D  J U L I E T || [read]

H A M L E T || [read]

O T H E L L O || [read]

A  M I D S U M M E R ’ S  N I G H T  D R E A M || [read]

M A C B E T H || [read]

T H E  T W O  G E N T L E M E N  O F  V E R O N A || [read]

T H E  T E M P E S T || [read]

T H E  T A M I N G  O F  T H E  S H R E W || [read]

K I N G  L E A R || [read]

Other works that I couldn't find adaptations for
Inspired by Shakespeare



Mark you precious

He’s such a geek! :D








Actually I’ve seen people mention it since the first episode.

It’s Capaldi’s wedding ring. He never takes it off, even when acting. 

To add to the story, he refuses to take it off because when his acting career was struggling, his wife never gave up on him. When he landed his first major gig, he decided to not take it off, to represent he was there because of his wife’s support.

This is the sweetest and best thing I’ve eve heard about any behind-the-scenes ever

Remember when he’s told the tradition is to give that chocolate box to someone “you love" and he immediately jumped off the stage and ran to his wife in Seoul without even a second thought?


this is the reason i love and RESPECT him this much… just… *sniffs*



the fandoms of tumblr | be brave 

There’s a range of things to pull from this: be brave in the face of death, be brave for other people, be brave enough to go for someone you love, be brave enough to sacrifice yourself, be brave after loss, be brave in the face of your enemies, be brave in social situations, be brave of your abilities. Just be brave.

[Edited by me and my sister. We put as many fandoms in as we could manage.]

ok so i was watching this and i was like oh wow wowowowow”

then achievement hunter. green brothers. friends. youtubers.

i cried